A fresh sweet pear with a crunchy bite

Xenia® Fresh and Sweet!
Xenia® was created by crossing the Thriomphe de Vienne with the Krier variety. Its a green pear which slowly turns yellow. the pear characterizes a freshly sweet taste and firm flesh with a soft taste and edible peel.


Long time enjoyment!
The Xenia® pear has a long shelf life.
To preserve more than a week, a refrigerator provides the ideal environment, where the pear can easily be kept for 2-3 weeks. Xenia® pears can also be kept in a fruitbowl for at least one week at a temprature of 18 degrees. At room temprature the pear will turn golden yellow slowly.


The best way of consuming the Xenia® pear?
That is a matter of taste! The Xenia® pear can be eaten crispy like an apple but also soft like a traditional pear. The more yellow the pear becomes, the softer it is. The fresh sweet Xenia® can be eaten out of hand without spilling, with or without peel!